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Department of Human Anatomy

Chair of Department
Dr Domnic Marera
About Us

About Human Anatomy

In pursuit of the University's goals and mission, the department of Anatomy aims to prepare graduates for careers in health sciences, Biomedical sciences, teaching, and research by adding advanced knowledge and practice in the current innovations,  technology, and modern anatomical techniques. The training of health and biomedical professionals in this unique field will add value to the University’s contribution in achieving competitive and quality education, training, research, and affordable healthcare as enshrined in the big 4 agenda and Vision 2030.

Our Vision

The Vision is to provide skilled and competent Biomedical and  Health professionals capable of addressing national and global  health needs.

Our Mission

In line with the mission of the School of Medicine, the  Department of Anatomy will provide high-quality teaching of anatomical sciences to medical and Biomedical students. The  Department will conduct research and cultivate an intellectual environment that encourages a sense of inquiry.  

Core values  

  • Discipline  
  • Care of stake holders  
  • Professionalism 


The Course

Undergraduate Programmes

  1. MBS 100 Human Anatomy 1
  2. MBS 200 Human Anatomy 2
  3. MNS 100 Human Anatomy
  4. PML 122 Anatomy 1

MHA 800 Advanced Cell Biology & Genetics
MHA 801 Special Embryology
MHA 802 Special Histology
MHA 803 Applied and clinical anatomy of the limbs  MHA 804 Applied and clinical anatomy of the trunk MHA 805 Research Methodology
MHA 806 Advanced Microscopy
MFP 808 Biostatistics and Epidemiology

MHA 811C Applied and clinical anatomy of Head and Neck   MHA 812E Advanced Neuroscience  
MHA 813C Embalming, Anatomical and museum techniques  MHA 814E Histo-chemistry and histological techniques   MHA 815C Medical education  
MHA 816E Radiology and imaging technique-elective  Year2:Semester1
MHA 827C Research seminar


MHA 827C Research seminar

The Course

Graduate Programmes

Master of Science in Human Anatomy

PhD in Human Anatomy

Our Faculty